so what??

So New York Rep. Anthony Weiner announced yesterday that he did in fact send the “racy” pictures that hit twitter last week. And???! So yeah he’s married, okay, let his wife deal with that, but besides for her who cares?? I have seen so many people outraged on twitter, and these people have no moral compass themselves. Hell two people in my timeline who said he should resign, have dick pictures all up over the internet. I personally couldn’t care less if you send dirty pictures, just do your job. Not to minimize the situation but I do feel bad for his wife. In the unnecessary press conference Weiner went on to say..

It was something that I did that was just wrong, and I regret it,” adding that he panicked when the first tweets went public, and lied to hide his other X-rated activities.

“I was embarrassed, I was humiliated, I was trying to protect myself and my wife.”

He insisted he did not use government equipment, using his own phone and his home computer, to communicate with the women.

If this is going to be a tend can Aaron Schock leak some “racy” photos next? That’s one politician bulge I won’t mind checking out.


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