weiner weiner weiner

Now I just took up for you in my last blog post, and here u go whipping out your penis. Now as someone who has done that, I don’t think it’s a big deal. But I wasn’t married when i did. Now I can’t turn on the tv without seeing your face and people talk about “your needing help”. Chris Matthews I’m a fan, I respect you, but just because you are old and don’t have sex, don’t get mad at people who do. On his show today, he was saying that Anthony Weiner has a problem and he needs professional help. Because he SEXTED! Give me a f-ing break. Weiner man, I do think it’s time to go. I won’t be surprised if you left by the end of the week.


so what??

So New York Rep. Anthony Weiner announced yesterday that he did in fact send the “racy” pictures that hit twitter last week. And???! So yeah he’s married, okay, let his wife deal with that, but besides for her who cares?? I have seen so many people outraged on twitter, and these people have no moral compass themselves. Hell two people in my timeline who said he should resign, have dick pictures all up over the internet. I personally couldn’t care less if you send dirty pictures, just do your job. Not to minimize the situation but I do feel bad for his wife. In the unnecessary press conference Weiner went on to say..

It was something that I did that was just wrong, and I regret it,” adding that he panicked when the first tweets went public, and lied to hide his other X-rated activities.

“I was embarrassed, I was humiliated, I was trying to protect myself and my wife.”

He insisted he did not use government equipment, using his own phone and his home computer, to communicate with the women.

If this is going to be a tend can Aaron Schock leak some “racy” photos next? That’s one politician bulge I won’t mind checking out.

end of one man’s terror

Last night twitter was going WILD… there was news that President Obama was coming on to do a press conference. It had to be a big deal since they announced it, but it was to life or death or they would have interrupted. After tons of speculation,  Obama announces death of Osama bin Laden; in gun battle with Navy SEALs, CIA paramilitary forces at his Pakistan compound. 10 years later, America finally has some justice.


there’s a new sheriff in town

Rahm Emanuel fought the good fight to end up with the mayor’s office Tuesday. Unfortunately for Rahm, he inherits a city STILL reeling from the recession. Many of the other candidates and their supporters attempt to stop him from getting on the ballot, (that ridiculous, “he’s doesn’t live here” measure that actually went all the way up to the state supreme court and was overturned) but even with all the additional time and money that took. He did the unthinkable, collecting a majority of support against his five opponents (55.2 percent of the vote) in the first Chicago election without a sitting mayor on the ballot since 1947. Rahm will become Chicago’s first Jewish mayor and 46th overall. Now it’s only remains to see what changes will actually take place, when Rahm takes over for Daly this May. Part of me, will be sad to move away from Chicago and miss what he does, the other part of me thinks “Good Luck Rahm” you will need it with this city.


get out and vote chicago

Chicagoans were going to the polls today to select a mayor from a roster of candidates that, for the first time in 22 years, doesn’t include Richard M. Daley. Despite a record number of aldermanic candidates and the first wide-open mayoral race since 1989, elections officials expect voter turnout to be just slightly over 50 percent today.By Chicago standards that number is low. When Mayor Richard M. Daley first won office in 1989, there was a 68 percent turnout.The big question is whether frontrunner Rahm Emanuel can get the 50 percent plus one vote he needs to avoid a runoff election April 5.

The other canadidates are followed…

Patricia Van Pelt-Watkins
William “Dock” Walls
Miguel del Valle
Carol Moseley Braun
Gery Chico

and of course my pick.  Rahm Emanuel



ten terms and going strong

I have the bit of a soft spot for Congresswoman Maxine Waters who represents the 35th District in California. Yes in recent years she has been troubled with corruption and ethics violations but I enjoy her nevertheless. I first was introduced to Congresswoman Waters several years ago, via MSNBC’s ‘Morning Joe’ (best morning news show in America), where  I found her to come across incredibly charming and knowledgeable, which all good politicians should be (take note Sarah Palin). Actually what I enjoy about the Congresswoman is that she has that old school “I’m not going to put up with no mess” attitude that you find a lot of black women from that generation have. Unlike the girls of today, those ladies know how to put their foot down, and still keep their composure. Probably one of the biggest reasons I like Congresswoman Waters is that she supported my Hillary during the Democratic campaign in 08′, not to mention she reminds me of my Aunt Barbara (LOL, no judgements).  I’m not going to be boring and list off a bunch of facts and accomplishments. I think a part of Black History Month is actually reading up and learning new things, so I will provide the link for her official website instead. Which I encourage your to check out sometime.

put a ring on it

Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn signed into law a measure legalizing civil unions for same-sex couples for the first time in the state. “We believe in civil rights, and we believe in civil unions,” Quinn said. “We believe in liberty and justice for all.” The law takes effect June 1 once signed. Illinois becomes the 16th U.S State to offer spousal rights to same-sex couples. Finally after coming out with a highly debated tax increase, Pat Quinn has finally done something worth wild.

Picture courtesy of Reuters