ready… to RING

I was walking around the other day and was EXTREMELY EXCITED to FINALLY see some ad’s pop up!



So last month, each of the major networks announced their fall television line ups to advertisers.. I was only concerned with one show and one show only. The Ringer, starring Sarah Michelle Gellar. Originally the show was slated for CBS, but a few days before upfronts, CBS decided to place the show on it’s sister channel the CW, where they felt the show would be a better fit. Myself personally, I don’t care where it is as long as SMG is back on my screen. Although the CW would be a better fit, seeing that network was created after the WB and UPN (both which aired Buffy) combined a few years ago. Check out the extended trailer and see if it makes you excited as well…



is it fall yet??

Thank you Entertainment Weekly! The magazine scored an exclusive interview with Peter Traugott, the pilot’s producer and head of Brillstein Entertainment Partners, the production company behind Ringer. My favorite highlight was when EW asked …

WHY IS GELLAR PERFECT FOR THIS ROLE? “I’m just a fan of Sarah’s,” Traugott says. “I’m excited that there’s a piece of material she’s excited about and obviously as a producer, I wanna get this show on the air, and as a big fan of Sarah’s, I just want to watch her on TV again. It seems like America wants to, and it seems like CBS was a fan from what I saw. Hopefully if we do our jobs right we’ll have an opportunity. We’re excited. She’s iconic.”

SMG is certainly an iconic, click the here for the entire interview.. CBS please pick the show up.

it’s HOT baby..

So two Sundays ago, I recorded a show named ‘SHAMELESS’. I originally thought it was the new Matt LeBlanc show (which is actually called ‘Episodes’). Needless to say how shocked I was when in the opening scene. There is William H Macy looking like a homeless person, dancing around acting a plum fool. I almost instantly hit delete. Then I saw Emmy Rossum, and thought “what the hell is the Phantom of the Opera chick doing on a basic cable show?” I decided to hold off and give the show a couple more minutes. Next up we get introduced to a sassy black best friend, I’m sold. But wait it got better after that, the next person who catches my eye is Justin Chatwin (If I was Molly Sims, I would get on the phone and ask that boy to come back, because BABY he is S E X Y). Besides for the graphic and admittedly hot sex scenes. The plot kept me engaged, which is not an easy thing to do and the supporting cast of unknowns held their own. Not only is ‘SHAMELESS’ produced by one of my favorite television producers John Wells, but it is also an adaptation of a wildly popular British show with the same name that is currently in their eight season. The only bad thing I have to say about it, is that I don’t recall seeing any promotional stuff about this show. Maybe I overlooked it, or maybe it wasn’t as blatant as that horrible ‘Off the Map’ campaign ABC did for that shitty show. If you are interested in the show, here’s a better summary according to ……

Frank Gallagher is the proud single dad of six smart, spirited and independent kids, who without him would be… perhaps better off. The brilliant William H. Macy and Emmy Rossum star in this wildly engaging and fearlessly twisted new Showtime Original Series. The Gallaghers may not have much in the way of money or rules, but they know who they are — and they’re absolutely, wildly, unapologetically SHAMELESS.