Sorry I have been away… But I am back. I know I know.. I’ve said that before but this time I mean it! Really…


side note

Unless you are a person in the photos..if you are going to take and post pictures from Grabby wkend, just give me credit. If you are a person in the photo contact me and I’ll send every pic that I have so you can have a copy!

Thank you and enjoy..

it’s been a long time…

Wow time flys when you are …. Busy. It’s been about a month since I lost post, I think the last time I fell behind, I promised to make a better effort. Here I will make that same promise again. A lot has happened in May, so the next couple of blog post I will use to try and catch up on a few items. No use spending too much time on the past, but moving forward I am excited to welcome new readers and enjoy the summer.

it’s war.. update*

Finally heard back from United.. What a joke..

Dear Mr. Ragsdale:

Thank you for contacting us via email on March 19, 2011.  We are
currently experiencing a high volume of emails due to the crisis in
Japan, and I offer my apology for the delayed response to your message.

I am sorry that you arrived at the gate too late to board CO6780, with
the consequence that no seats were available for standby and you were
thus forced to cancel your flight.  We have forwarded your ticket
numbers to our Continental subsidiary co-workers for the processing of
your ticket refund.

We know that leaving on time is important to our customers, which is why
for domestic flights we recommend checking in 60 minutes prior to
departure if you are not checking bags and 90 minutes if you are
checking bags.  For international travel, we recommend checking in 2
hours prior to your flight time.  Our gate agents begin their final
procedures 30 minutes (45 minutes for international) prior to departure.
At this time, reservations for those passengers who haven’t checked in
or who are not present in the gate area 20 minutes (30 minutes for
international) before departure are cancelled.  We do understand that
there may be times when you arrive late due to special circumstances.
Depending on the flight departure status, our agents may be able to
allow you to board during the last few minutes.  If not, they will do
all possible to make arrangements for you on another flight.  I hope
that this information is helpful to you when scheduling travel plans in
the future.

I realize the frustration you and (your travel companion)  experienced, as well as the inconvenience of having to cancel your trip.  As you were traveling at
the height of Spring Break, standing by was challenging, as few seats
are available at this popular travel season.  To salvage some of your
hope, I am requesting that 5,000 goodwill miles be deposited to your
Mileage Plus account xxxxxxxxxx.

As our merger integration efforts progress, all facets of our operation
are being more closely examined to ensure that the “new” United is in
the best possible position to consistently remain your carrier of

At the conclusion of this email, please fill out the survey where you
can rate your experience with the Customer Care department.  We value
your feedback and hope that you are satisfied with our service.


Sara Dornacker
United Airlines Customer Relations

Am I wrong to want more than 5,000 little points???? NO credit, still no refund.. Just a fucking joke. Thanks United.

busy week

Keeping up with a blog is HARD work, especially when you have the goal of trying to do a post everyday. I don’t know how people who blog daily do it. Well actually I do, it’s their own job, I myself, have work, and school not to mention sports and the gym. I had wanted to do a special Black History month feature, with a new individual everyday, clearly that isn’t going to happen seeing how I haven’t blogged at all this week. So I guess I’ll do my best to feature someone every other or so days. Hope everyone is fine. Thank for the few readers I do have.

Happy Birthday

Not only to myself because that would be a little selfish, but to all the other January 22 birthday boys and girl all around the world. I would say to all the Aquarius but I’m still confused whether or not our signs in fact changed or not. Oh well.. It’s OUR special day enjoy IT!