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Unless you are a person in the photos..if you are going to take and post pictures from Grabby wkend, just give me credit. If you are a person in the photo contact me and I’ll send every pic that I have so you can have a copy!

Thank you and enjoy..


grabby wkend 2011 *NSFW*

So I am about a week late with this post, probably everyone is over seeing and hearing about the Grabbys but oh well. So I’ll do a quick recap of the weekend and post a bunch of pictures and that will be it! So the Grabby awards it’s self was pretty tragic, it was three hours of “high-strung (and strung-out) mess. Luckily I was sitting with some awesome people in some AMAZING seats, and we managed to entertain ourselves. The weekend overall as a whole was great. So much fun, I met soo many people. Going to a porn event and coming into it as a fan prospective, it’s like the Wizard of Oz, you get to see what’s behind the curtain. Sadly some of the people who were to be my porn crushes, not so much anymore, but such is life. I can not say enough though about how awesome Donny Wright, Parker Perry, Spencer Reed, Riley Price, Jeremy Bilding, and Diesel Washington were. Really FIRST CLASS cool men, I really appreciate it and thank you. Oh and of course Kennedy Carter, but that pretty much goes without saying. I can not leave out the amazing Starrfucker, check out his blog in the link section, @gpcrush @_absynthe @rollingbackout @Tat2dgy and my NYC sister B-licious. Thanks everyone for making it so much fun.. Now time for the pics!

my favorite thing

With spring/summer FINALLY upon many of us, I have been on the hunt for new looks for summer. Normally during “Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall” (sung in my best Carole King voice) J Crew gets all of my business but this year I was looking to try something “new”. Take a step out of my comfort zone and embrace change.. I happened to see a guy in the most beautiful tank top, after hunting him down and googling the company, I immediately fell in LOVE with Zanerobe. Zanerobe is an Australian company that actually use to be big here in the states back in the 80’s. It’s now becoming “hot” again, the clothes are beautiful, well made and just pretty damn comfortable sexy clothes. Think A&F but with an adult and surf twist. No doubt thanks to a feature in this months GQ magazine, Zanerobe is going to get a lot more popular. I only wish I had found out about them earlier, because all of the tank tops I love are out of stock. But I will have my eye on their site every few weeks on, on the hunt for new beautiful stuff.

making it official

I want to say congratulations to all the couple who took part in the first ever civil union ceremonies on Thursday not just here in Chicago but throughout all of Illinois. On Wednesday there were a total of 203 licenses obtained through the Cook County clerk’s offices, with many more taken out in surrounding counties. For the couples in love, I think it is amazing that they now will be granted the same state-level rights that come with marriage, progress is slow but is happening.  But for myself… I can’t even get a civil bf what the fuck I’m worried about a civil union for???!


When Beyoncé premiered her mediocre single “Run The World (Girls)” it took a few listens for me to come to the conclusion that the song sucked. It was no “Crazy In Love” or hell “Single Ladies”. That was until B, premiered to the world the video. Instantly my distaste for the song grew into love and affection. It’s pretty genius, pair a shitty song with a hot video, followed by hot performances. Watching Beyoncé on Oprah I realized “Damn I love this girl” She is a PERFORMER, the bitch still can’t sing, but she def knows how to make it do! I also have to say Beyoncé has the BEST weave in the business, I’m truly fascinated by how hot her weave is, I mean hair is..



good bye

So also during my hiatus, the Mighty O said good-bye. Now I have A LOT to say about Lady O, but I’d rather save that for a later post. The finale was kind of lame, it was going to church and hearing a sermon. The special two-parter was entertaining Beyonce and Aretha both rocked the house, the rest….Well it was okay. But for all the grieving housewives over the lost of their show, don’t fear. The Mighty O will be back on screen in January with a special new show on OWN.


So last month, each of the major networks announced their fall television line ups to advertisers.. I was only concerned with one show and one show only. The Ringer, starring Sarah Michelle Gellar. Originally the show was slated for CBS, but a few days before upfronts, CBS decided to place the show on it’s sister channel the CW, where they felt the show would be a better fit. Myself personally, I don’t care where it is as long as SMG is back on my screen. Although the CW would be a better fit, seeing that network was created after the WB and UPN (both which aired Buffy) combined a few years ago. Check out the extended trailer and see if it makes you excited as well…